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The Fool on the Hill

Indiana Hutt

Little Hutt


28 years old fangirl hutt. Left-wing. In love with art(s). Family person. Solitary in the guts, social at heart. My anthem. My favourite song in the entire universe. Entries about my private life are usually locked, but all the silly and not-so-silly other stuff isn't.

Forever in love with Jude Law, Jack White, Ryan Gosling, rock'n roll, The Beatles, The Doors, Chuck Palahniuk, black&white movies, English, Jennifer Connelly, Marilyn Monroe, travels, nature, Albert Camus, movie theatres, Jeff Buckley, beer, red wine, Jack Black, Star Wars, David Bowie, Christina Ricci.

Addicted to TV shows, among others: 30 Rock, Sons of Anarchy, Happy Endings, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation.

Addicted to cinema, among my favourite movies you'll find: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Gattaca, The Godfather II, The Royal Tenenbaums, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, Requiem For A Dream, Monty Python's movies, The Big Lebowski, The Departed, Edward Scissorhands, Punch-Drunk Love, Notting Hill, Lars And The Real Girl, Stranger Than Fiction.

I'm addicted to books, among other titles and authors : Guy de Maupassant, Chuck Palahniuk, Albert Camus, Carrie, The Catcher in the Rye, The Bell Jar, Stardust, Jane Austen, Emma, Edward Gorey, His Dark Materials, Invisible Monsters, J.M. Barrie, Neil Gaiman.

I'm addicted to music, enjoying among others : The Beatles, The Doors, The White Stripes, The Who, The Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers, Jeff Buckley, Vanessa Paradis, -M-, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Tenacious D, Led Zeppelin. I'm currently obsessing over : Jack White - Blunderbuss, Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine


Littlehutt at LastFM = Littlehutt at FanFiction = Credits for my art resources = Awards I won = 100 movies for 2013 = Reading is sexy = I watch too many TV shows

"Mais il n'y a pas de limites pour aimer et que m'importe de mal étreindre si je peux tout embrasser." (Albert Camus)
"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience : this is the ideal life." (Mark Twain)
"Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past." (Into The Wild)
"There are a lot of different ways to deal with the world, you can fight, you can lay down and be walked over... I've tried every one and I'm going to keep trying to figure it out." (Jack White)
"So many thoughts inside my head, a strange collector." (The White Stripes - "This Protector")


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Où donner votre sang?
28 days later, 30 rock, accents, albert camus, arrested development, art, autumn, batman, baudelaire, beer, bob dylan, books, bradley cooper, breaking bad, british accents, canada, charlize theron, christina ricci, chuck, chuck palahniuk, cinema, clark/lois, clint eastwood, community, cooking, cougar town, curt/arthur, david bowie, dead man's bones, dead weather, dexter, downton abbey, english, eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind, fanfiction, films, food, foreign movies, france, friends, george mcfly, glee, guitars, happy endings, harry potter, harry/draco, his dark materials, house/cuddy, icons, indiana jones, jack black, jack white, jackie brown, jacques audiard, jane austen, jeff buckley, jennifer connelly, jimi hendrix, johnny depp/vanessa paradis, joseph gordon-levitt, josh homme, jude law, led zeppelin, literature, love, lucas/peyton, marilyn monroe, martin scorcese, may 17 2010 ♥, michael/sara, michel gondry, miranda, misfits, modern family, monica bellucci, monty python, movies, music, nature, oz, parks and recreation, philosophy, piano, pink floyd, pubs, punch-drunk love, qotsa, queen, quentin tarantino, rainy days, reading, robin hood, rock, ron/hermione, ryan gosling, sam rockwell, shakespeare, sleeping, some like it hot, sons of anarchy, south park, star wars, tea, the beatles, the big bang theory, the big lebowski, the darjeeling limited, the dark tower, the doors, the godfather, the good wife, the gossip, the raconteurs, the rolling stones, the royal tenenbaums, the white stripes, the who, united kingdom, up all night, vanessa paradis, veronica mars, vincent cassel, wes anderson, wine, writing, yoga, zombies


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