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I just can't quit this challenge, I'm loving it too much and it makes me want to watch even more movies, so here's the 2013 edition of the 100 new movies in 1 year! No pressure or special theme this year again because I have big projects to finish by the end of 2013, and I want to keep movies as a safe and rejuvenating refuge.
Comments and recommendations all through the year are of course very welcome! I'm sticking this post to my profile for easier reference.

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01 January 2013 @ 05:51 pm
Let me start off by wishing you all a very happy new year! I hope 2013 will be good to you, full of adventures (real or fictional, in your personal or professional life) and great times with your loved ones.

Before turning to 2013, I wanted to look back on 2012 and my year of movies. Here's the traditional end of the year post.

120 movies seen, challenge completed in November.

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21 November 2012 @ 06:46 pm
Long time no see! Life has been quite busy lately, and I'm sorry I haven't been around that much this past month. I'm gonna catch up with you slowly but surely, I promise.

Even though I often favour TV episodes in the evenings, I still managed to complete my "100 new movies in 2012" challenge two months ahead, so yay!

100 - Skyfall (2012)

I'm glad I completed the challenge with this movie, and not the horrible and disappointing mess that was The Paperboy. Oh boy, was I disappointed! And bored. Almost as bored as the time I watched Cosmopolis, the movie that made me feel like I was dying on the inside from an excruciatingly slow death.

I really had a blast with Skyfall, even though I agree with most of this review. This movie was the most entertaining one I've seen this year; when I left the theatre, I was elated and positively glowing. Craig was perfect and showed the evolution of his character when you compare it with Casino Royale. The new Q was charming and modern, with great hair (but not enough gadgets!), and I knew I was going to like Naomie Harris's Eve because yes, a thousand yes to this woman. She kicked ass, and SPOILERSCollapse )
What I wasn't expecting, on the other hand, was to love Javier Bardem's Silva. Never judge a book by its cover right? Well, never judge a villain by their weird-ass haircut. Bardem was delightful, fascinating and threatening; my favourite Bond villain in the more modern movies of the franchise so far. The movie was also visually stunning, from the work on photography to the gorgeous landscapes. Absolutely stunning.

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October was tiring; it felt like a long marathon, both on a personal and professional level. When you have no other choice than run this marathon, you'd better make sure you have the right music to keep you going.

I thus rediscovered Queens of the Stone Age's first album, named after the band and released in 1998. The album sounds rougher and somewhat messier than the ones that followed, and you can feel the band looking for its sound. You've got plenty of good riffs and, most of all, the songs are full of energy and heavy sound. Just what I needed at the time!

I have a soft spot for the opening song, "Regular John", and so does the band apparently, because they still play it in concert. The riffs on this one just drive me nuts: before I know it, I find myself shaking my hair and bouncing around like a crazy person. Perfect song to let off steam!

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I haven't made a fangirly post in a while... this will not stand. Today: 1 movie I loved, 1 show that managed to conquer me in 3 episodes, and 1 show I'm mourning because our love story is slowly coming to an end.

The We And The I

Michel Gondry has such a unique universe and vision, I'm always curious to see where he'll take us next. To say that I have high expectations when it comes to his work would be underrated; sometimes I end up disappointed (The Science of Sleep), but most of the time he just sweeps me off my feet. The We And The I was no exception and instantly entered my top 10 for 2012.

I love movies that work within a concept, within constraints, and try to make the best out of it. Gondry is one of the few directors who could manage to pull off a movie that takes place almost entirely in a bus; he's creative enough to play with the camera, the angles, the characters, the memories, and allows himself only rarely to step outside the bus. So that you really feel like you're travelling with these kids, and you get a perfect sense of the changes in the atmosphere, the tone of the scenes, the feelings at work on screen.

Because this movie is so full of feelings and life, it's almost too much at first. I loved how the story flowed, from a lively, almost saturated rhythm to the incredibly intimate moments we get to share with the characters as the movie comes to an end. I loved how realistic it was; I loved how dreamlike it could get. I loved the cruelty, the boldness, the love, the laughter and the tears. I loved the non-professional actors who gave some memorable performances; I loved Gondry's mastery of his craft and his story. I loved the music and hope a soundtrack will be released. I love this title that says so much about us, about our relation to the world and to ourselves, especially at that age.

The Mindy Project

I've only seen the first 3 episodes, and I'm already under its spell. The pilot was okay, which is all I ask from pilot episodes anyway, but I found the next two episodes promising, with funny lines and funny characters. The only thing I'm not quite fond of is the opening credits, but I can easily overlook that.

Because I'm doomed. The supporting cast is already entertaining and I'm looking forward getting to know them and seeing them interact more with one another. But Mindy and Danny? Yeah. I haven't fallen for a pairing this fast in a long time. Their scenes and banter are so delightful, they turn me into a giggling blushing brainless hutt. What the hell.

Aaaaaargh! StopityoutwoI'mdying.

And how can you not fall for this guy:

HE'S HAN SOLO. The end.

All in all, this show already makes me happy, and I'm so glad that it got picked up for a full season.

I'm really worried about the following show though...

Up All Night

I'm a little heartbroken over this, I must say. The first season was fun and endearing, I liked the cast and the stories. But the second season feels like a reboot; it was daring to make all these big changes at the start of the new season, but I'm not sure the show needed that much change, or if it'll be able to recover.

I try not to be mad about the forced introduction of a new main character, but it's impossible not to make a comparison with the characters that got dumped because of it, and for a very dull replacement (for now); Missy was fun in small doses and I miss her special kind of crazy, but I'm still mourning the loss of Jason Lee's Kevin. I hadn't realized how much my enjoyment of this show depended on his character, until they decided to make him disappear (yet again!) without any sort of explanation.

I have yet to read a positive review of the new formula, and knowing that this second season will only be 13 episodes... I find it hard to believe it'll get picked up for a third.
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24 September 2012 @ 11:13 pm
Last Music Monday proved effective on my mood, so I thought I'd renew the experience with another song that never fails to energize me. "Death On Two Legs" is the opening number on Queen's 4th album, and a personal favourite, A Night At The Opera (1975). It's a violent, biting song, full of rage and disgust and contempt. Which doesn't come as a surprise when you look at the story behind it: Mercury wrote this song after the band struggled to free themselves from their managers, the Sheffield brothers, who'd been ripping them off for years.

"Death On Two Legs" can thus be summed up as Mercury's biggest musical fuck-you, and the lyrics couldn't be more evocative. You go from You suck my blood like a leech to You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride, and it gets even more creative, like for example: Misguided old mule with your pig headed rules / With your narrow minded cronies / Who are fools of the first division. It's this cheeky tone that helps counterbalance the darker lyrics (Do you feel like suicide? / (I think you should)).
They can be so dark, in fact, that May didn't feel at ease recording the song, and Mercury later regretted writing it:

"Death On Two Legs" was the most vicious lyric I ever wrote. It's so vindictive that Brian felt bad singing it. I don't like to explain what I was thinking when I wrote a song. I think that's awful, just awful. When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.

But I don't care what the band said. "Death On Two Legs" is the perfect song when you want to let off steam, thanks to its righteous rage and biting humour. There's something incredibly liberating and satisfying to yelling But now you can kiss my ass goodbye along with Mercury.

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10 September 2012 @ 03:05 pm
I'm feeling a bit under the weather, side-effect of some medicine I'm currently taking, so I'm seeking comfort and motivation in music. One of the most empowering songs I know is "'Heroes'", by David "God" Bowie; it's been overused over the years, but to me, nothing can strip this song of its glorious power. Not even a thousand commercials.

I find it impossible not to feel overwhelmed and energized while listening to it. The way Bowie's voice starts quietly, and then grows in intensity to the point where it's almost breaking, illustrates the struggle described by the lyrics, the struggle of the individual, of the lovers in the story, of the singer against the instruments. It's not devoid of bitterness and irony (after all, 'Heroes' is in quotation marks), the lyrics verge often on pessimism: they remind us that a victory can only be temporary (just for one day), that nothing will drive them away, and that in the end, We're nothing, and nothing will help us.

And yet. And yet the individual, the lovers, the singer must fight, because battles are won every day, and it can start with just one day. That's how the song goes from We can beat them, just for one day to We can beat them, for ever and ever. Heroes are the ones who stay and fight (Maybe we're lying, then you better not stay), and their victory may be small, so small that they become "heroes" to the cynical world, but the shame, was on the other side. We can beat them, for ever and ever / Then we could be heroes, just for one day.

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And we continue with the Good Surprises entries, movie edition! Today, a super hot superhero.

Synopsis: The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. (imdb) 2011

It"s not a bad thing finding out that you don"t have all the answers. You start asking the right questions. Collapse )

All in all: I really, really didn't think I would like Thor, let alone become a fan. I really had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the story and the characters, while being aware of the movie's shortcomings and occasional ridiculousness. What can I say? I can't resist hammer time.

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27 July 2012 @ 08:24 pm
The next couple of Good Surprises entries will be all about the movies that I ended up thoroughly enjoying even though I didn't think I would/should. Especially the first movie on this list.

Synopsis: A tough cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers. (imdb) 2011

A word of advice, girls. If you"re picking the wrong fight... at least pick the right weapon.Collapse )

All in all: Blitz, with its hot mess of a plot, doesn't deserve the cast it managed to snatch. Still, I enjoyed this gloomy thriller packed with thrilling action, and with a great duo at its heart. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot.

Synopsis: The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name. (imdb) 2011

Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy.Collapse )

All in all: Ghost Protocol turns out to be a really entertaining flick, with gripping action scenes, beautiful photography, and lots and lots of teamwork feelings. And Jeremy Renner's lovely bottom as a bonus.

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Next instalment of the Good Surprises entries, 2 shows that have women as lead characters. It doesn't happen a lot, so that alone should be noted, and further more celebrated because these shows are actually good, and their female characters interesting and funny.

I'll begin with the show I really didn't intend to watch, until some of you said good things about it, and hobbitofkobol gave me the first season, insisting that I would enjoy it.

New Girl

Believe it or not, that"s not the first time someone"s broken my feeling stick. I have a travel size.Collapse )

In a word: New Girl is a cute, funny show, with likeable characters, great friendships, and some heart-warming moments.

The following show deserves the award of worst title of the season (too complicated to tag! Why not just call it Apt 23?), but it's also one of the shows that made me giggle the most. And with just half of a season released, I think it's worth applauding.

Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt 23

James Van der Beek. The Beek from the Creek. La Beek c’est chic!Collapse )

In a word: Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt 23 is a promising new show with talented and hilarious leading ladies, good-weird characters, and twisted and hilarious situations.

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